Internet Marketing Functions

The number of Internet users continues to grow and thrive today. Based on the statistical data is cited from, Indonesia in 2011 occupied by the number of internet users in Asia as much as to 4, under China, India, and Japan. Number of internet users in Indonesia is estimated to have more than 55 million people (nearly one quarter of the population of Indonesia). Of course the numbers will continue to grow in line with technological advances.

Marketing costs are relatively cheaper. Yes this is definitely, if doing conventional marketing in the real world, the millions and even tens of millions of dollars sometimes are lacking to support the marketing efforts of your business. But not with the internet, we can take advantage of a myriad of existing resources to grow our business. For example, by utilizing a website, blog, promotion via internet advertising, marketing with Facebook, Twitter and so on.

24 hours a day 7 days a week. One of the advantages of internet marketing is the automated system that works. If in the real world, it’s rare to find a store or company that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But unlike the Internet, we can create a system. Systems such as online stores, email marketing, social networking via peasaran it can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other than that you just have to need only a few employees, all work can be done by the system will be part of the system, so that the cost of employee salaries can you save.

Simple, effective and can be accessed from anywhere. Yeah, you better marketers, as well as your target market (potential buyers) will all feel simple and effective. Why? For all the marketing activities can be done from anywhere in the home connected to the Internet, whether it’s in the office, at home, in the room, at school, and so forth. So essentially practical marketing via the internet.

Innovation is developed. Yes marketing via internet is also rich in innovation. There are many media that can be utilized to innovate, as many Facebook applications are already available, a variety of features in a blog / website that can be utilized, and much more. Remember, innovation is one key to a successful business.

Is it tough to internet marketing?
Absolutely not! But it takes hard work, the system is remarkable, its complete and admirable but still if you want to succeed, focus on the areas under our control, and continued his passion for hard work.


What’s Services On-line Marketing? Services On-line Marketing is a business that we are doing to promote and market the product in the form of goods or services of a business that you manage via the internet.

As we all know that the internet enables the promotion and marketing of the product to be infinite time, place and territory while still able to access the internet, even though circumnavigating the globe.

This is certainly a significant opportunity to promote and market the products of your business, be it a product in the form of goods or services. Moreover, Internet users in Indonesia and the world continues to rise sharply each year because of advances in information technology and communications.

Have you ever experienced your website or blog empty? Have you ever experienced the product or service sales targets are not achieved?
“We are there to provide solutions and promotional marketing products or services of a business that you manage through the online media.

And be prepared for the increased traffic visiting your website drastically which will automatically increase the probability of increased sales. ”
And this is what we will do to increase traffic and sales of products or services your business!

Advantage Internet Marketing

Advantage Internet Marketing

Listed below are some of the advantages and benefits of e-marketing. Not only an explanation of the advantages of internet marketing of personal or individual alone, but also according to experts. The experts also gave an explanation of the benefits of internet marketing. Because a lot of things to be gained from internet marketing. An expert has also presented an explanation of the benefits of internet marketing. You can see some information about internet marketing profits below!

Advantages of E-marketing (Electronic Marketing)

Advantages that can be given to the use of e-marketing for a company by Jamal (1996:18), namely:

a. Able to reach a variety of consumers in an environment that has not been fulfilled by competitors.

b. The target is the consumer that has been divided into groups and develop an ongoing dialogue.

Benefits of E-marketing (Electronic Marketing)

If studied more deeply, there are many benefits of e-marketing it.
Some of the benefits derived from e-marketing, namely:

• Branding. Product, service, company logos, and offers can be displayed visually, even today more prevalent with the audio and video streaming via the Internet media attached.

• Direct Response (direct response). E-marketing offers speeds. Users can respond easily and quickly. Of course this led businesses to get immediate results of the operations of promotion and advertising through the internet.

• Targeting (market targeting). With the technology that is used (such as rss, mailing lists, forums, and certain codes website) can target users or potential customers.

• Tracking (tracking). The most powerful elements of e-marketing is, almost anything can be tracked and can be seen instantly. This means, if there is something in the system that does not work, can overcome more easily.

• Return on Investment (return of capital). Because the tracking force is so great, you can ensure that your capital can be recovered easily. With can determine how many people who click on a banner ad or link email, business owners can calculate the return of investment capital with ease or in any other way than clicking ads (can by selling products or otherwise) that capital back quickly.

• Inexpensive (not expensive). E-marketing, especially email and buying keywords (keywords) on the internet search engines are relatively inexpensive, can even be said to be very cheap. Email costs are usually incorporated with the cost of connection to the Internet Service Provider (Internet Service Provider) is included in the service. Purchases can be made to the company’s keyword search engines like Google and Yahoo. However, if you have not been able to make the purchase of keywords in search engine companies such as Google and Yahoo so you can learn on their own by using books or the other so that your website can appear on the front page of the search engine with ease. Many strategies and ways to be able to get good keywords in the search engines like google and yahoo.

Internet Marketing Overviews

Why are we advised to try to learn online business on the Internet, such as the articles I’ve written before, What is Online Business on the Internet? We all must first know the reason why we have to choose to learn online business on the Internet, surely the answer is because an online business on the Internet has many advantages. If me the reason is simple, I pingin studied business online in Internet and businesses online in Internet not know the time, yes simple it such as article who udah never been ku wrote down earlier, start a online business

One is an online business on the Internet knows no age, anyone can try to learn online business on the Internet, not only young people, but all people should even all professions online business on the Internet, the most important is willing to learn, try, and be patient. Because online businesses in the Internet business as any other business, is not sudden, and immediate success, its core online businesses also need processes and perseverance.

online business on the Internet is also not bound by time, because online business on the Internet is 24 hours, meaning if we do business online store, the store will be open 24 hours, there is no need to keep such a conventional store, and we can do business at any time online at Internet according to our needs and requirements to run it. Bias our website works automatically serve prospective purchasers or users of our website services

In the online business the most important is to have a global network, there is no ekat distance as a conventional business, all people who were in the world can access our website 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere, as long as there is internet connection.

In an online business on the Internet, time is not a problem, with an online business on the Internet we can choose our working hours freely, if we are in the real world or work as an employee in a company, so we can run an online business on the Internet at home from work , if we are still sitting on the bench aka college student who is still so much time, it’s better if we done some online businesses, in running an online business does not have to be checked every hour, we are working with 1 hour per day or 1 hour perminggunya, all depending on the what we are doing business.

So basically yeah good luck to do business online in the Internet, because of all the positive activities, insyaalloh will have a positive impact as well, one of them with an online business on the Internet …. But wait first, all man-made definitely there are his weakness … so if we want menggeluti online business, we preferably also know about weakness online business in Internet which will me convey in a next article.

Pros Internet Marketing and Online Business

some idea about the online business and internet marketing is probably still confusing for most people or even become a separate fear of the risks and consequences of online business but do not forget all of the business risks and business people have always played with the risk to benefit larger businesses than workers.

Could we see when surfing or browsing the internet how many websites available on the internet with a variety of businesses.

This is one proof that the rapid development of online business. In other words, many people who succeed through online business. Wow is a lot? Yes! Does success in business online could happen to me? Why Not, they can and we can, too. I say we know that means you can be successful in building an online business. Then how how dong, in order to make money .. shh I would patiently explain the excess surplus in the first online business because of the advantages of doing business over the Internet knowing you will be able to understand how to make money.

Actually there are many advantages of online business depends on to what extent we are aware, this is the most online business advantages:
Not bound by time and place By having a website and autoresponder system that can respond to and follow up on customer, then your system will still work 24 hours a day 7 days a week regardless of when and where you are …

With a large market share using the Internet media that can be accessed from anywhere around the world the internet is possible to reach a very wide target market. So any product or service that will be promoted dionlinekan electronically via the internet but it all depends how far it was also the owner of the site to facilitate the delivery of physical products.

Media Promotion of effective online promotion is more effective because in conducting business online we can shoot the target market by tailoring content / articles are hot at that time. So with the information / articles that exist on the site we can map a share pasarman to be addressed. Simply adjust the target market only and certainly no expense in promoting such sales marketing should generally face to face with prospective buyers.

Capital and operating costs are relatively small All businesses need capital and operating costs but with all the online business that can be as small as possible but can generate greater income from capital and operational costs. Because you do not have to have a shop / office, employees like business in general. In this follow-up business selling usually is done via email, so you do not need to pay transport to visit your prospective clients.

You Are The Pros boss this one I like the most. You will be a leader and well owners in your online business without being tied down by anyone. Because you do not have a boss who set up your work schedule within running business but your own schedule and strategy to achieve the revenue targets.

Internet marketing advantages compared to other businesses.

Think about it, what are the benefits that you can take advantage of the business over the internet.

This is the 7 advantages of internet marketing:

1. You only need a very small capital to start an internet marketing business. In fact it could also free. You do not need to rush to get started with a paid in this business. Learning with a free first, then set aside your funds if you are already proficient. Because little by little long into the hill instead?

2. Free from traffic jam. Especially if you work in a large city. Surely every morning you have to leave on time to avoid the congestion that can make you stress.

3. Free from fire and flood. Running internet marketing business online. So this business has no physical form that can be damaged. Unless there is a great natural disasters that break internet connection around the world.

4. Runs automatically for 24 hours per day. Internet marketing business will never be closed. Your business will always be open worldwide for 24 hours per day.

5. More flexible ang time. You can choose your own working hours. You are no longer tied to a specific schedule like if you work in an office.

6. Flexible workplace. You can do business anywhere as long as you have an internet-connected computer.

7. Greater income. If you are an employee, maybe at the beginning you run this business your income is less than 100% of your salary. However, if you are proficient and know how the internet marketing business then your income is guaranteed 100% greater than your salary.